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Protecting Britain's waterways

How can we collectively address road runoff pollution?

Protecting Britain's waterways

How can we collectively address road runoff pollution?

Protecting Britain's waterways

How can we collectively address road runoff pollution?

Vehicles deposit debris containing over 300 chemicals on the road surface.

Rainfall pushes the pollutants from roads into rivers through outfalls.

Water quality becomes unsustainable, collapsing ecosystems and killing wildlife.

What is

road runoff?

Road runoff's significant contribution to the UK's water quality problem is largely unspoken. It's time to start the conversation.

So, how does it happen?

The total number of outfalls in the UK is estimated to be around

of water body failures in England are due to road runoff pollution

The water framework directive sets an objective to restore all rivers to good ecological status by December 2027

Defra in the Media, Guardian article on road runoff. UK Parliament, Water quality in rivers., Environment Agency and Natural England, State of the water environment indicator B3: supporting evidence

Only 14% of rivers in England have a good ecological status


Hear from the experts.

Get a snapshot look at discussions in the video below.

Cross-industry collaboration

Despite its severity, this “Cinderella issue” has never faced the same intense scrutiny as other sources of water pollution – until now.


We gathered together leading experts, government representatives and influential figures from the construction and civil engineering industry to discuss this serious environmental issue face-to-face for the first time.

Editor of New Civil Engineer, Gavin Pearson, attended and chaired our event. Uncover the publication’s perspective on our discussions in the May edition here.

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